All of the following are comments made by real people on different pages of this website.

“Joe, Thanks for this website. Your help is so valuable. My siblings nominated me to research a monitoring system for our parents.. I had no idea it was so overwhelming to sort out. You have made good suggestions and pointed out things I didn’t even know about. Thanks again, Susan.”

“Joe, your site is great! I found it myself using Google and it has really helped me a lot! Specifically, it told me about non-monitored alert systems, which I hadn’t even thought about. I think that’s the best solution for my 87-year old mother-in-law coming home from the hospital tomorrow to her apartment where she’s all alone. I’ll read more, but I have certainly found your site very helpful. Thank you so much.” -David

“Dear Joe, I want to thank you so much for your help this is an incredible, informational page…thank you! I went with Life Guardian, but, I chose the GPS medical alert cell phone. How do you feel about these. I chose it only because my mother does have medical conditions but, she is still very active for her age. I do not want her to be scared to do the things she likes to do and fall to a state of depression, although that is not her nature, but you never know. Any feed back you may have is greatly appreciated.” -Pam B.

“Hi Joe– thanks for all the helpful tips; you helped me cut thru to the critical difference elements right at the start of the process and was able to narrow down my search to 3 options pretty quickly. I will go over those 3 options with my mother and get her input on them. Thank you again.” -Amanda

“BTW, I appreciate this site very much, as my mom is getting older. Fortunately, we can look at these options together now, and she’s open to it.” -Cynthia

“I’ve been following this site for awhile and respect the fact that your entries are genuine and actually try to help people.” -Alan

“You make some important points about medical alert systems for the elderly parents and relatives in our families. And I totally agree with you about the Jitterbug cell phones for senior citizens. They are definitely great. I have one senior parent using a LifeLine emergency pendant and another elderly parent using the Jitterbug cell phone. Eventually, I would love to see her using both. Thanks for the great info.” -Kaye

“I found your site extremely helpful. My mother does not hear well, and she travels (via a stair lift) between two floors in my house when left alone. Even if I installed two speaker boxes and paid huge monthly fees for a traditional system, I doubt that she would be able to hear the person speaking to her at the call center. The 2-way pendant is something that I did not know about before reading your article, but it appears to be just what we need. Thank you.” -Becky

“Thank you, thank you for this great information. I came across this page while researching options for my mother-in law. I had no prior knowledge of what to even consider. You provided me with a wealth of information that I never thought about. I will continue to research.” -Monique

“Lots of good information! It will help us to be able to discern what would be the best way to approach our 80 yr-old mother. Thanks so much!” -Patti


Thank you for this site and your emails.

My mother has mobility issues and after my father’s passing several years ago, I signed my mother up for a monitored PERS. She wore the pendant faithfully and actually had to use the service once. She had fallen in the bathroom, pressed the pendant button and EMTs quickly responded. The service worked.

We did, however, discontinue the service several months ago when she moved into an assisted living community. Calling 911 to the facility would not have been appropriate and her apartment had an emergency button in the bathroom and a portable “button-in-a-box” that she kept in the main room. When pressed, the buttons would summon one of the caregivers in the residence. We thought all was well.

However, last week I went to visit her in the new facility for the first time and realized that because of her mobility issues, there is a significant risk of her falling and not being able to reach either of the emergency buttons.

Fortunately, I had recently come across your site and signed up for the emails. I learned about the many different kinds of PERS that had come into the market since I first looked many years ago. The emails must have re-enforced the concepts because as soon as I saw my mother struggle to get out of her electric scooter, I immediately thought of the type of PERS that can be programmed to call specific numbers. So we ordered the product and programmed it to ring the caregiver desk, which is staffed 24/7.

So, once again, thanks for the site.” – Dennis

“Bravo ! Joe

You have touched upon all the important factors a family member should consider before buying or renting a medical alert system for their loved ones.Your website is an important must read for anyone researching medical alert systems.

When I first read your unbiased site, I was favorably impressed with the legitimacy you promulgate in revewing medical alert vendors. Your reviews are straight forward, honest, and most of all, NOT SELF ENRICHING COMPARED TO OTHER MEDICAL ALERT REVIEW SITES. Not once did you call me to offer a free review on your site if we advertise our medical alert services on your site.

I highly recommend this valuable asset to anyone looking to acquire a medical alert system.
Keep up the honest good work.

L. Russell Sessler, President, Chaperone Medical Alert Systems


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