Jitterbug Cell Phone with 5Star Personal Security

Jitterbug cell phone

The Jitterbug can be a mobile PERS

This is a review of the Jitterbug cell phone from GreatCall. I’ve been watching Jitterbug for a few years now, and they are really hitting their stride.

With the new addition of their 5Star Personal Security service, GreatCall has made a phone that will be a great service for many older people.

The Jitterbug is designed to be much simpler to operate than many other phones. The buttons are big and the speaker is very powerful.

But it’s the new medical alert monitoring service they’ve added that seals the deal.

The 5Star Personal Security service costs just $15 a month and gives you unlimited access to a monitoring center that can help you in an emergency.

As they say on their website, “No emergency is too small…”

With 5Star you have simple, reliable access to a staff of highly-trained people who are available to help in any situation, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All you have to do is press the 5 key and the * key and you’ll be connected.

You can use it if you’re lost, if you’re walking through a scary parking lot at night, or if you’re having a medical issue. The trained Response Agent who answers can quickly identify your location and will have access to your Personal Profile containing critical information that you’ve already provided, like your emergency contact numbers, allergies, medications and doctor’s information. Your 5Star Response Agent can send the appropriate assistance, and will stay on the phone with you until your situation is resolved. With 5Star on your Jitterbug, you and your family can worry less, knowing that someone you trust is always available to help, whenever you need it.

Finally an easy-to-use cell phone with personalized, friendly U.S. Based Operator Assistance! Get a Jitterbug J.

The service includes GPS location tracking through the GPS unit in the phone.

The 5Star subscription also includes GreatCall’s award-winning LiveNurse service. This gives you 24/7 access to a live, registered nurse.

Why I like this service:

I’ve always liked the Jitterbug cell phone because it’s easy to use and provides good basic communications for seniors. For example, the easy address book is a big benefit for someone who will only call a few people regularly. And the text message feature seems great because it provides shortcuts for frequent kinds of replies. The plans are reasonably priced.

For many people, this could be the only medical alert service they really need, especially if they are still active. It provides better service for about the same price as some of the dedicated cell phone medical alerts, because you also get the flexibility of a real cell phone, and because the monitoring center can also help you with non-emergency needs.

Sometimes getting help in a non-emergency situation is what keeps it from becoming an emergency.

When you visit the GreatCall Jitterbug website, you can see all the details of the 5Star plan on the AppStore tab. (That’s not exactly obvious, which is why I want to make sure to point it out.)

Done? Go back to the Mobile Medical Alerts page.

Looking for an example of how 5 Star could help? Watch this video.



  1. Emil Spezia says

    I am 92 year old. live alone . relatively in good health , wear two hearing aides . Question . Is Jitterbug for me? E-mail me.

  2. Joe says

    Sounds like a pretty good fit to me. As I understand it, the Jitterbug is designed to be hearing-aid compatible. If you get the 5Star personal security option then you’ve basically got a mobile medical alert that can get you help if you fall or have an accident while you’re out of the house. And it will also work when you’re in the house, as long as you’re carrying the phone. I would consider getting a belt clip and wearing it.

    I’ve emailed you as well.

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